Quick Production, Short Transit Times and Ultrafast Repeat Orders
    Competitive Gift Pack, Assorted Packaging, Advent Calendar Production
    Over 2000 products in various categories produced.
    In depth market knowledge and advanced understanding of customer needs.
    Management of component, packaging and inventory enabling smaller MOQ call off and stock optimisation for customers.
    Vegan compatable product manufacturing, eco friendly packaging development.



We are a full service custom design, product development and sourcing company comprised of an enthusiastic team of beauty bottlers, fashion followers and component connoisseurs. We always strive to develop, grow and stay one step ahead of a rapidly changing consumer appetite.

Our uniquely personal approach will allow us to partner with you as an extension of your own team, seamlessly bringing your vision to life and market quickly, on budget, and working to exceed your expectations.


Founded in 1987, we have enjoyed the privilege of working with most prominent European brands and retailers in fashion and beauty world.
Over the 32 years of our journey we have formed a world class team and established strong relationships with some of the best factories in their fields enabling us to offer an array of over 2000 products to our customers.

Social Responsibility

We are dedicated, as an integral part of our existence philosophy, to promote cleaner technologies, safer workplaces, and sustainable practices that are proven to bring a higher return of happiness and a brighter future to us all.

Core Values

We put our customer first. Everything we do is driven by what’s right for our customer – from the factories we choose to the operations we direct. Your success is our success.

We are a people's company. Our brand is so much more than our products, what makes Tekcare truly different is the value we put on relationships whether they are our colleagues, customers or suppliers. We not only aim to provide the best value to our people, but we enjoy making their journey with us an easy and enjoyable experience, hence we are personal, emphatic and proactive.

We are full of new ideas. We have an undying passion for fashion, beauty and design and constantly look for fresh ideas, products, and approaches.

We only compete with ourselves. We always try our best and hardest to do better and improve on our past achievements. The only thing that will not change in life is change and we fervently thrive to make it a positive one.

We always see the glass half full. We always look to find a way to make it happen and in the worst case scenario you will receive an alternative solution, but never a reactive no.

We are an effective working machine. Although we accept natural wastage a part of existence, we thrive on reducing costs and increase efficiency to help build a better, stronger business for us all.

We are entrepreneurial. We are self-made, and still alive with the same enthusiasm and passion as the first day. We take initiative and add to the process without someone having to hold our hands.

We believe relationships are everything. We value our team, customers, and factories equally. We build bonds through mutual respect. We are honest and sincere.


  • Market and competitor analysis
  • Brand strategy
  • Brand identity
  • Global trend expertise
  • Photography, video production
  • In-store merchandising
  • Marketing Strategy and Activation
  • Digital marketing
  • E-trade infrastructure
  • Social media and digital PR management
  • Influencer marketing
  • SEO, SEM, Digital Advertising campaigns
  • Concept and innovation development
  • Graphic design
  • Industrial design
  • Web and multimedia design
  • Ux design
  • Artwork mechanical prep
  • 3d prototyping
  • New formula creation
  • Make up curation
  • Marketing pack creation
  • 3-d in-store concept design
  • Display unit design
  • Partnering expert industry package producers
  • Technical drawing capabilities
  • Access to industry materials, methods and machinery
  • Strategic sourcing
  • Supply chain management
  • Timeline management
  • Factory qualification
  • Social compliance
  • Regulatory affairs
  • Traceability procedures
  • PSI (Pre shipment inspection)
  • Omni Product Assortment
  • Gift Pack Assembly
  • Advent Calendar Assembly
  • Display Unit Product Assembly
  • Assorted Box Packaging
  • Inventory Management
  • Freight Forwarding Administration
  • Customs Clearance Organisation
  • Distribution Options


Full Service Provider (Turnkey Brand Creation)

  • Brand Development & Marketing
  • Design & Creative Solutions
  • Product & Packaging Development
  • Formulation & Regulatory Affairs
  • Quality Assurance & Social Compliance
  • Manufacturing & Production
  • Packaging & Assembly
  • Distribution & Logistics

Contract Manufacturing (Private Label)

  • Product & Packaging Development
  • Formulation & Regulatory Affairs
  • Quality Assurance & Social Compliance
  • Manufacturing & Production
  • Packaging & Assembly

Packaging Component Supply

Coupled with our established global network of component and packaging suppliers and our in-house creative design/product development and sourcing teams, we are proud to offer an up to date and effective supply of components, primary and secondary packaging items as a separate service.

We bring all of the latest developments in manufacturing techniques in plastics, wood and metal to create packaging that is as beautiful as it is practically innovative.



  • Body Mist
  • Rollerballs
  • Travel Size
  • Gift Sets


  • Nails
  • Lips
  • Eye
  • Eyelashes
  • Eyebrows
  • Face
  • Tools & Accessories

Skin Care

  • Cleansing
  • Moisturiser
  • Skin Treatments
  • Eye Care
  • Face Masks
  • Male Skincare
  • Body Care
  • Fake Tan & Bronzing
  • Suncare
  • Cotton Wool
  • Wipes

Men's Grooming

  • Fragrance
  • Deodorants
  • Skin Care
  • Beard Care
  • Grooming Kits
  • Hair Care
  • Washing & Bathing

Baby Care

  • Baby Changing
  • Baby Time
  • Mom-To-Be
  • Nursery
  • Baby Travel
  • Hair Care
  • Washing & Bathing

Hair Care

  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Hair Treatment
  • Hair Dye
  • Hair Styling
  • Hair Accessories
  • Travel Hair Minis


  • Washing & Bathing
  • Bathing Accessories
  • Female Hair Removal
  • Feminine Care
  • Deodorants
  • Dental
  • Travel
  • Kids

Home Fragrance

  • Reed Diffuser
  • Room Spray
  • Candle
  • Linen Spray


  • Surface Cleaning
  • Furniture Care
  • Air Freshener
  • Dishwashing
  • Insect Repellents
  • Laundry Products
  • Tissues
  • Shoe Care
  • Wet Wipes

OTC & Health

  • Skin & Body Care
  • Female Healthcare
  • Child & Baby
  • Adult Healthcare
  • Oral Care
  • Haircare
  • Disinfectants
  • Sanitizers


  • UK Servicing the UK and mainland Europe
  • Turkey Servicing the Middle East, The Balkans and CIS countries
  • Africa Servicing West and North Africa


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